Small Group Coaching - Success Club Personal

Success Club Personal is a rolling​ 3 month small group coaching programme for business women who want face-to-face support from Julie. Membership is limited to 6 maximum per group and members meet for 2 hours each month for minimum 3 months.  These meetings take place in a relaxed, informal environment at Julie’s Success Club HQ in Tynedale.





"I find the group coaching sessions extremely helpful. The support and clarity I receive is priceless.  Julie guides me in the right direction and is always supportive."


Nicky Robertson, Back to Balance


Monthly meetings:


 ✔  Quarterly goal setting and planning
 ✔ Tailored support for you and your business
 ✔  Personal focus
 ✔  Inspiration, motivation, stretch and challenge
 ✔  Peer support, advice and encouragement
 ✔  Accountability for your goals and actions
 ✔  Serious work made fun (probably with dancing!)


Plus: Access to Julie’s courses, tools and resources as appropriate to your situation


Plus: Support between sessions to keep you on track towards your goal


Plus: Access to the Success Club’s secret Facebook community

What’s Involved?

"The group sessions are a really good way to combine 1:1 advice from Julie as well as others in the group...There are common themes that crop up...It's a relaxed, informal time to discuss our feelings, ideas, and plans.  Julie helps to bring it all to a conclusion and derive a manageable realistic plan to move you forward towards your goal. So far...I'm establishing good methods and good foundations on which to build a business I feel in control of. Clarity and focus at last!!"


Laura Brown

Interior Design

How Does It work?

  • Each member commits to attending 3 monthly meetings (except for exceptional circumstances).  
  • Each group comprises 4 to 6 members (who may start and finish in a different month to you, as it'a a roll-on roll-off programme).
  • Payment is made in full at the time of booking. (If you wish to pay monthly - email [email protected] to request).  
  • At the end of their 3 month programme a member is under no obligation to continue, however may wish to do so for another  3, 6, 9, 12 months or more.  Indeed there is no time limit currently to Success Club Personal membership. You choose, based on your goals and the benefits you receive as a member.

The absolute BEST Deal is reserved for members who commit to one full year of SuccessClub Personal - The Platinum Programme.  As they also receive lifetime access to all of Julie’s courses, and in addition get an extra video support session each month . 

Choose Your Package







►   3 x 2 hour monthly meetings


​►   Individual goal/s, action points           &  accountability


​►   Motivation & support


​►   Access to exclusive Facebook             Group


►   Access to courses/tools from Julie, as appropriate and when needed

x    Monthly Group Zoom                   video sessions 
x    Lifetime access to online courses



Total investment


►  12 x 2 hour monthly meetings


►   Individual goal/s, action points           &  accountability


►   Motivation & support


►   Access to exclusive Facebook             Group


►   Access to courses/tools from Julie, as appropriate and when needed

   Monthly Group Zoom                   video sessions 

  Lifetime access to online courses         



    Total investment



i.e. only £20 extra (for great additional benefits) when you commit to a full 12 months


"Julie has shown me that it could be possible to exceed the financial targets that I had initially set myself – and through breaking down potential income into weekly and daily amounts, I can see what I would need to do to get there. Julie puts into words the business theory that I know, and the sessions help me put it into practice.

I have benefitted enough from my first 3 months to commit to signing up for a full year’s support Platinum coaching package."


Business Owner

Dates For Monthly Sessions


The morning group meets from 10am to 12pm on the second Tuesday of the month (unless * due to my holidays).  

The afternoon group meets from 12.30pm to 2.30pm, again on the second Tuesday of the month, as follows:


  •  8 January
  • 12 February
  • 12 March
  • 16 April*
  • 14 May
  • 11 June
  •   9 July
  • 13 August
  • 10 September
  • 15 October*
  • 19 November*
  • 17 December*

How To Join a Group


Email [email protected] with Success Club Personal in the subject if you wish to discuss the best package for you.

Or you wish to pay monthly 


Otherwise, click the relevant 'Buy Now' button based on your preferred package.


Silver (Quarterly)

Platinum (Annual)