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Success Masterclass - Free Taster Event


  • These are a great way to get to know me better, by seeing my approach.  To decide whether you might like to work with me, by experiencing my energy, faciliatation and coaching skills first hand, and by assessing value and potential impact of us working together.


  • You will also receive benefit in terms of inspiration and actions to improve your work life immediately.  AND meet other like-minded businesswomen who might become your fellow group members


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Success Club Plus+ - Facilitated Masterminding, Coaching & Action based Learning


Invitation-based, small, business-focused coaching and mastermind groups in NE England for female founders ready for growth &/or change, in their business and in their confidence levels.


Maximum 8 non-competing businesses per group.  In person group meetings, learning, and individual coaching monthly.


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Success Club Personal - Small Group Coaching


  • Individual and small group coaching at my Tynedale HQ monthly, for solopreneurs and would-be founders. 


  • For those women new to business or not yet big enough, in terms of earnings or confidence levels, for Success Club Plus+. 


  • Maximum 5 businesswomen meeting in person each month.


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Success Club Light - Group Coaching Online 


  • Group and individual online coaching for solopreneurs and would-be founders, not willing or able to travel to NE England for in person sessions.


  • Q & A, problem-solving, accountability, support and encouragement via monthly Zoom calls and a 24/7 online forum.



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the online group for women