Is this You?

You’re a professional, self-employed or running your own small business.  And you're ready to fulfil more of your potential to create the type of success you dream of….or those around you know you’re capable of.


You're competent, well thought of, a high achiever, and recognised for your work and personal qualities.


Yet there’s a gap between what others see - your experience, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism - and your own confidence levels and business results.

Whether you're just starting your've been working for yourself for a while....or you've grown and are managing a team.


My clients  are generally those selling their own (and others) expertise as a service (rather than those exclusively selling products) e.g. coaches, consultants, therapists, designers, trainers.


All coaching, programmes and services are designed to give you the following results when working with me


►    Clarity of direction

►   Laser focus on your priorities

►    A simple action plan

►    Daily activities and rituals that set you up for success

►    Greater knowledge of and belief in yourself 

►    More confidence in your business and better results in terms of income and impact

►    More fun and meaningful success at work and in your life 




  • You’re a ‘can do’ person who knows that only by taking action to apply your knowledge will you change your results.


  • A holistic approach appeals to you as your experience shows that life and work aren’t mutually exclusive.


  • You’re eager to learn and you’re prepared to carve out some time for it.


  • You’re willing to invest in You, and in your business.


  • You value relationships and connection.


  • You’re committed to keep going and stick with it, even when it’s difficult.


  • You take your work seriously, but not yourself. You like to laugh and have fun.


  • You’re willing to stretch your comfort zone.


  • Personal integrity is important to you.


  • You’re open-minded and curious about yourself and the world, and you’re prepared to experiment, and to ask.


  • You recognise that this type of work is rarely a quick fix, and allow yourself sufficient time for the personal growth required along the way.

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