Mother nature teaches us so much about being in tune and at ease in our world….yet only when we pay attention.

What do you notice when you go outside?   

What happens to you when you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the natural world?  When you walk through woods? When you smell the perfume of flowers? When you hear the bees?  When you watch the birds?

When you touch the different textures -  the bark, grasses, smooth and furry leaves, petals?

And what do you notice about the seasons?  About what happens to the trees, the flowers, the grasses and the earth?

I’m sure you notice the flowering and flourishing happening at this time of year?  Yet the transition from what’s gone before provides our biggest learning opportunity.  When things fall away, wither and die in the autumn and winter.  And when new shoots appear and start to grow in spring and summer.

Isn’t it amazing that the trees and flowers simply know what they're here to do?

To bloom, to flourish. To be beautiful, in their own particular way. No one flower is exactly the same as any other. They're all slightly different in height, width, shape, colour and growth rate. They're unique.

And if you think about how trees grow. It's the roots that grow first. It's the roots that extend down into the earth and as wide as 2 to 7 times the diameter of the tree canopy you see. The tree is developing, and what we do at the early stages of plant and tree growth, is nourish the soil and roots, the constituent parts they need to lay the foundations to grow healthy and strong.

What about your foundations?

Can you expect to be fully healthy, strong, and have a wonderful sense of well being if your foundations aren't sufficiently nourished and cared for?

I ask because often the first thing you do (or rather don't do) when you get busy or stressed is discard the very things that make you feel good; that ground you and give you energy.  The very things that form the foundation of your life.  The things that nourish you, heart, body and soul.

You’re more likely to look after your physical body.  That’s like watering the flower petals and tree leaves - everything you see above the surface in your garden.

But what about what’s beneath the surface?

When you think of personal development do you think of books, courses, information, and increased knowledge from others i.e. outside yourself?

What about the huge wealth of knowledge inside you? Like the acorn that has the knowledge and potential to become a magnificent oak tree already encoded within it, so do you. This is part of your foundational root system, and nurturing and nourishing this inner guidance system and your spirituality, are what will make the biggest difference to how you feel.

In order to live life to the full, to achieve and succeed, you need to tend not only to your body, but also to your heart and Soul. To tune into who we really are at our core - powerful, energetic, spiritual beings in a physical body, having a physical experience.

The more I "work on" understanding myself more deeply, and on my spiritual growth, my foundations, the easier I find everything. It's about commitment. It takes a choice followed up with action.

And it's a continual commitment.  Meaning you may need to recommit every single day. Every time you notice you've ‘fallen off the waggon’, instead of letting yourself off the hook and saying, “Well I've already failed so what's the point? I might as well just have that extra piece of cake/watch TV/drink more wine,” you need to remember your commitment to your (higher) self.

What will help you notice you’re not nourishing your foundations? That it’s time to recommit?

The main thing that will help is becoming conscious in the moment.  Which is easier said than done, I know!

A statement I use to help me do this is “It’s okay to do/not do this, because today doesn’t count!”

When you hear yourself say this it can act as a wake up call, bringing you back to the present moment and the choice you have….to follow your head or lead with your heart.

Because it helps you decide whether in fact every day counts, which means choosing differently.  Choosing to start afresh, to recommit.  As I said perhaps every. single. day.

Mother Nature teaches you to focus on foundations.  On nourishing the other dimensions of your physical body, like the incredible root system, as the way not only to achieve success (to grow powerful and strong), but also to feel great in the process (to bloom).

If you’d like to explore how to be easier and more self-compassionate with yourself, I invite you to check out my online 30 Day Dance of Leadership journey.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay