If your response to the question “What are you doing to keep motivated in these challenging times?” is

“Not a lot!”

“I really don’t know”, or

“I’m putting my head down and keeping busy”

….then I’d love to know how it’s working for you?

Because, honestly, often doing nothing is a smart move.  It enables you to be still, to quieten the storm in your mind, and to tune into what your body needs, what your soul craves, and what your heart desires.

Once you create that internal space it can be easier to get clarity, to see new or different ways forward and to decide the best way for you.

On the other hand, doing nothing, if it makes you feel bad because you make your focus your internal chatter, and then also beat yourself up for being lazy, or not knowing what to do, is not smart.

Which is it for you?

Not knowing is actually OK…

Preferably as a temporary state (which may last days or weeks), rather than something you live with indefinitely, thinking there is no other choice!

Because we often do know what we want or what’s best for us, we simply don’t create the necessary space to tune in and pay attention.  Or we don’t like the answer we get, so we decide it’s not right and we really don’t know!

Do you think you have choices?

As for keeping busy, its great as a distraction or stalling tactic! And also when you know you’re doing the right thing, provided it’s not to the detriment of your physical, emotional or mental health and wellbeing.

Which is it for you?

What I’m noticing more frequently right now is how easily you can make yourself wrong for not knowing or doing.  For feeling bad or unmotivated.

Or, how tightly you hold onto the belief that keeping busy is the best way to go.  To bring yourself out of your current difficulties.

Yet when you’re busy (rather than taking aligned action) you may not have acknowledged or understood where you are right now.  In terms of what’s changed for you or your business, perhaps forever.

And it makes it more difficult (and often more time-consuming) to see clearly.  It creates a foggy mind which leads to foggy action.

What you need at times like these, is insight and inspiration.  To tap into your intuition, in order to get clarity, or simply to come up with aligned ways to get into action and to experiment.

Now is the ideal time to play, to have fun and to be curious and experiment.  Even though I understand you may be feeling the exact opposite…thinking that what’s happening is serious and you must take it, and yourself, seriously.

However this will keep you in a fixed mindset….which may mean giving up altogether,  staying stuck, or simply trying to tweak your old offerings or business model.

Rather than coming up with ways to stay relevant, or to help your customers plan for the lifting of restrictions.

At the very minimum, you can keep in touch with your community…..your employees, suppliers, current and past customers.  People who’ve expressed interested in working with you or buying your products.  People you respect and like.  Those who trust you.

Not with the aim of getting a sale, but simply as a way of showing you care.  Connecting, one human to another.  Because we’re in this together. And we’ll come out of it together….remembering the people who treated us as people, not commodities.

And we need to stay connected to our peers.  Having real, intimate and meaningful connection with others in a similar work situation to ourselves.

Here are my recommendations for you and your business in these challenging times

#1.  Give yourself credit for where you are and how far you’ve come.

Our world and your business have changed a lot in a very short space of time.

#2.  Create some space to tap into your inner wisdom and to be creative.

You can create space by doing something fun, something you love, something playful.  And as you create space it’s important to process what’s going on for you right now.  To feel your emotions.  To not discount or negate your feelings.  To prioritise You…

And to make space creation a regular practice.  Something you set up to help you both feel better, and become more creative and productive.

#3.  Be willing and open to trying something new or different.

Because creating space, in and of itself, is not enough - even when you gain clarity and knowledge, this needs to be applied and actioned, without allowing your scepticism or fear to stop you trying.

And by action I mean action that’s aligned to your values and vision.  Which, may or may not be action you see others taking, or even action you’ve been advised to take.

#4.  Stay connected

Stay in touch with your community on a human level.  And connect with a community of peers who are there for you, to listen, encourage, challenge, and above all to cheer you on and keep you accountable for actions in your business.

These are the things that will make the difference….

  • To how relevant you become
  • To how much goodwill you engender
  • To how adept you are at pirouetting (thanks to my client Chris for this fun alternative to the word pivot!) and ultimately
  • To what happens to you and your organisation as you come out of cocooning (aka lockdown.)
If you’d like help to create space, or be connected to a small group of other like-minded businesswomen then I invite you to check out my 30 Day Dance of Leadership journey starting 14th May 2020.

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay