My Three Words for 2019

It’s that time of year again….when we resolve to do lots of new things.  When we decide we need to make changes in our lives, in our businesses and in our careers. But on the whole, new year’s resolutions simply don’t work, because they’re not specific and because we don’t really commit to them.  Which means in very little time, often even within a few short weeks, they’ve been forgotten, or quietly dropped!

And this is why, for the third year running I’ve done something different.  I’ve chosen three words to act as my compass for the year (see My 2018 Three Words, and request my ‘Three Words for 2017’ pdf if you’d like more background info).

Not just any old words, however!

My three words have personal meaning to me and will help guide me (daily when necessary), in the right direction, helping me achieve the lifestyle and business results I truly want.

Using three, rather than one word, has been a huge help these past few years.  Not only in terms of better results, but also in keeping my goals tangible and at the forefront of my mind.  And even more importantly, being a touchstone - an easy connection to how I wanted to be living my life and showing up in the world.   

My Approach

I add my three new words to my daily productivity planner, as a constant reminder of my focus and intention for the year.  Allowing me to check in at the start of every working day, and at certain points throughout the day.  And helping keep the words (and what’s most important to me) front and centre, grounding me in the specific work that needs to be done, both internally in terms of mindset and state, and externally by way of actions

My Process

As always I start with a review of the previous year, to let go of what no longer serves me and to appreciate all the achievements, learning and positives from 2018.  I also write my Success Letter (a future-dated letter to myself) to get into a joyful feeling and positive frame of mind, before I set my three words and establish my goals for the coming year.  

This year was slightly different, in that my three words came to me in December, as I was journalling.  That said, I did take a little time to consider whether these three words in particular would help influence my choice of actions in a positive way.  Whether they’d encourage me to make decisions in line with my goals and intentions, and also whether they’d be likely to guide me towards the kind of life I want to live and towards the results I want to experience over the next 12 months.  And they passed the test!

My Three Words for 2019

Simple -  As someone who loves simplicity, and who is attracted to serene, clutter-free environments, I recognise that I have a tendency to overcomplicate.  I start with simple thoughts or concepts, and in the exploration or communicating of it, it can be easy to lose that essence of simplicity. Can you relate?  ‘Simple’ is a reminder to bring myself back to the point, to not lose focus on what’s important, and to help myself and others keep the main thing the main thing!  And let the rest go…

Authentic - This has a deeper meaning for me now.  In my business, it means being completely unconcerned with appearances; trusting that those I can help best will be drawn to me when I’m fully myself, sharing my message from my heart, using my intuition and inner wisdom, and interacting with everyone from a place of service.  It’s about keeping me connected to myself, about focusing inward to be of better service to others, and about demonstrating authenticity and alignment with and for my clients and community.

Playful - Play was one of my three words a few years ago, and this variation is a reminder to me to be more playful in life generally.   To make playfulness an enquiry on a regular basis, to lighten up, smile and laugh even more. To offer a different perspective on problems and challenges.  Because I always want my work and life journey to be enjoyable. And because joy is infectious!

These three words work together too…

Authentic and Playful remind me of who I want to be and how I want to act.  Simple brings me back to why.  And it also reminds me of what I need to focus on today and every day.

So those are my three words for 2019.  What about you?  What three words will you chose that have real meaning to you, and will act as your guideposts for the year ahead?  I’d love to know...