Lets explore simplicity vs complexity in business…..  

When we keep things simple we make life easier for ourselves and others. It may not always make something easy, but it can definitely make it easier. 

On the other hand we cause confusion in our offerings, our communications, our projects, our work processes, our daily tasks, and in our relationships…..in anything and everything that we think and do.... when we create complexity in our life and in our work. 

Being in business, and being human, I'm constantly overcomplicating things and working towards simplicity.  Yet I know my words, writings and webcopy hasn’t always caught up with my thinking. And that's ok, because life and business are works in progress.

Why, other than making things easier for all concerned, is it important and helpful to simplify?

For me personally, it makes me much more able to focus. It keeps me clear. It keeps me grounded. 

And for my clients, my clarity of thought and my ability to communicate that clearly, means they know exactly who I work with, what I offer, and how I can help. 

I'm still not perfect….no-one is!  Yet some people and businesses are better than others. 

It can be easy from the outside looking in, to see how a business creates complexity, and how this can cause confusion and misunderstanding….

How it might actually be stopping people from connecting. Or if they do connect, how it might be stopping them from doing business, simply because they're not sure how to contract with or pay money to the business. Or whether the person providing the service is actually the best person to help. Or indeed whether the organisation is a good fit at all! 

These people are basically left with questions that haven't been answered. 

What might be helpful for you as a business owner to check, in terms of how simple or how complex you make things for your clients and prospective clients?

Start by thinking about all the potential touch points for your clients and potential clients, from first learning about you, through to paying and completing work with you. 

  • Your marketing communications - newsletters, mailings, leaflets, social media etc
  • Your website (all pages)
  • Your offers, products, services, programmes
  • The process of contracting/agreeing to work with you
  • How/where they pay
  • The process of starting and finishing work with you
  • What’s next e.g. Continuous support/Moving on/Referrals/Keep in touch?

I suggest you work through these points yourself first. Then ask others: your current and past clients, as well as people who didn't become clients (by asking what stopped them.)

You can use surveys, questionnaires, or speak to them personally. 

It would be good to remember not to overcomplicate this process!  To keep it as short and simple as possible. And to use the feedback you receive to clarify or remove confusion. 

And this need not be a one time exercise.  It can be carried out continuously or at the very least, once a year. That way you stay connected and engaged with the people who’ve been or may become clients. You get them to help you communicate better and to simplify your business processes. Which is more likely to lead to an increase in clients and better clients.  To repeat business and to referrals. 

So what are you waiting for?  

Where do you already know that things aren't as clear as they need to be…

  • For those just learning about you or exploring options?  
  • For those who already know about you?  
  • And for your current and past clients?

Start there.  And let me know how you get on.

If you'd like more support to simplify in your business, check out my current programmes and services