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Transformation happens on the inside….when we notice and shift who and how we’re being on the inside, only then can we bring that shift to the outside world.  Positively impacting our own lives and organisations, and that of our family, friends, colleagues and community.


If you’re looking for change.  You’re open-minded, spiritual or curious.  Ready to learn and be transformed.  I can help you realise or get clear on your dreams and potential.  Then model the way for others.


No matter where you are right now….


No matter what’s been happening for you in your life or work…

There is beauty and learning in the seemingly unknown and in the unseen.  In stuckness, confusion, and the inexplicable.   There is potential for positive change.  Because your future is created in the present moment, in the here and now.  Always, no exceptions!



If You Want To


  • Discover more about yourself, your habitual patterns and stories, so that you understand how and when you get in your own way


  • Feel happier, more content and fulfilled by connecting more deeply with yourself and others


  • Feel more loving of yourself, more in control, and like you’re making a real difference


  • Understand your personal success criteria and how to measure them effectively


  • Have more fun in your life and work


  • Develop a new relationship with time so that pressure and lack is replaced with a sense of ease and spaciousness


  • Trust yourself and your intuition about what’s right for You 


  • Come out from the wings to centre stage, being seen and heard as the Real You.  Allowing others both to support you, and to move from understudy to principal dancer too


I’d love to guide you and dance this magical journey with you.  Shining the spotlight and lighting your stage so that you’re ready to step into the principal role in your own life and work.

How Dance Can Help


Dance is a great analogy for who you’re being and how you’re operating in your life and work


  • Are you the principal dancer or understudy right now?
  • Are you dancing centre stage or hiding in the wings?
  • Are you comfortable or not in your spotlight?
  • Do you have a support troupe?
  • What about your stage settings?  Your audience?


‚ÄčAnd, dance is so much more than this…


The physical act of dancing connects you to your body, and through your body to your heart and soul, in a way no amount of ‘head thinking’ can do.  It allows you to connect with your inner wisdom.  With what you already know.  


It tunes you in to what’s important.  Offering new insights and learning.  New ways to connect with yourself and others.  A way to trust yourself.  To recognise and trust your intuition.


A way to BE.  To forget DOING for now, doing more or different.  And simply to connect in to life, as it’s happening through you.  To notice, to articulate, to share, and then to align within yourself and through your everyday experience.  To BE YOU more of the time.


In this way Dance can help you transform into the person you’re meant to be.  The person you ARE at your highest and best.  It can take the pressure off in terms of gaining new knowledge and doing things differently, because magically, when you’re aligned, and being You more of the time, the doing feels different… becomes easier.  

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To Your Success…





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