I’d like to ask you a question…Do you creatively procrastinate?

Let’s start with procrastinating….

What do you mean when you say you're procrastinating?  

Many of us use the word when what we actually mean is we're worried. Doubting ourselves. Second-guessing ourselves. Or we're concerned about whether we're doing the right thing, doing it right, or perhaps what others might think. 

And often we believe we’re taking action when we're procrastinating. That we're still somehow moving forward. 

Yet the dictionary defines procrastinating as delaying or postponing action. As putting off doing something. 

So if you monitored your activity in relation to the area you're procrastinating on, what do you think you would find?

Would you find actual work activity? Perhaps a little? 

Or are you more likely to discover what you were actually doing was 'thinking' about the activity rather than doing anything specific?  Thinking about…

  • How hard it'll be or how much time it'll take? 
  • How you'd rather not be doing it? 
  • How you wish someone else could do it? 
  • How you wish you could do it later?  Or 
  • How you wish you didn't have to do it at all?

We can often spend so much time and attention thinking about the issue, that we believe we're Doing when we're not. 

Which means we're probably exactly where we could have expected to be!

Now my initial question wasn’t just about procrastination and how we can misunderstand what we're actually doing. It was also about the concept of creative procrastination…. 

What do I mean by creative procrastination?  

I mean that we're very good at thinking of lots of other things we could be doing, should be doing, or want to do, rather than the thing we've planned to do, is important for us to do, or simply needs doing at that particular time!  And we often go ahead and do what seems like a good idea to do, as a way of avoiding the difficult yet important task. 

So what actually happens is the double whammy of believing we're doing at least some of the work we don't want to (the thing we’re procrastinating on, that we might still be thinking about but not actually doing anything about). When in fact we’re often doing something completely different...a different task. We're being creative in how we procrastinate!

Does this ring true for you?  

If so, think about how you can check it out so that you get a clear understanding of what's happening for you when you say you're procrastinating. Because only then can you do something different and can that ‘something different’ work, because it's rooted in a true understanding of where you really are - your starting point. Rather than a false belief that has you thinking you're further ahead than you actually are.

If you're a creative procrastinator and would like some help with this, check out my current programmes and services.