If you’re not getting the results you want in your business.  Or if you’re fed-up or stuck.

Or, perhaps you've been making great progress only to hit another roadblock.  

This article might just help...

Did you know that in business there are actually TWO levels that impact our results?  (By the way, it’s not simply in business, but we’ll stick with it as an example for the purposes of this article.)

And that when we try to solve a specific problem, like a lack of clients, we generally tackle the issue from level one?

However there is another level.  And this has the power to transform EVERYTHING.

Let me explain…

Level One is The Surface Level

The nuts and bolts – the business strategy, marketing, sales, finance, admin.  The how tos. All of the things we need to do to be in business.

When we’re operating from this level our focus is on learning strategy, tactics and techniques.  Like:

  • how to generate leads,
  • how to convert those leads into paying clients
  • how to price our products and services so we make a profit
  • how to give great customer service
  • how to handle admin and finance
  • how to grow our team

This level is important.  In fact it often looks like it’s what makes all the difference.  But actually, it has less of an impact on our results than we think!

Because there’s a level underneath.

Level Two is The Unconscious Level

This is what’s playing out underneath – what’s holding us back from implementing, what’s making us scattered or unfocused. It’s:

  • our unconscious blocks
  • our limiting beliefs
  • our mind-set
  • the stories we tell ourselves – that we’re “not good enough”, “who do you think you are?”, “you can’t do this”, “what do you know, you’ve only been doing this 5 minutes”, or “you don’t deserve success.”

And this level is actually the most important.  It’s what will have the biggest impact on our results.

In my work, I’ve focused on this second level for the past few years because I was well versed in the surface level.

I knew the theory, I had the strategy, the tactics.  It was really quite simple, until it stopped working!  

It allowed me to grow my turnover and profit by 100% year on year for my first 4 years in business, then keep it steady.  

It allowed me to work part-time, and on my own terms.

But then things changed - the financial crash, and a series of changes in my personal circumstances meant I struggled to get back to the income levels I was used to and wanted.  I was doing all the ‘right things’, but it was no longer working for my business. Something was different….and that something was me.

It took me a long time to get this.  But it was exploring this second level more deeply, and realising that dealing with all these situations and challenges was impacting me personally, not simply on a business level.  And it was this/me, that was having a detrimental effect on my business.

I was impacting my business results, not because I didn’t know the what or the how in terms of strategy and tactics, but rather because I didn’t understand what was going on at this deeper level.

We are human beings first and foremost, whether we run a business or not, so this level is where the biggest transformations happen.

Because when you start to explore what’s been hidden, you uncover the story that’s playing out in your life, the recurring patterns, the things that seem to keep you stuck, or that bring bring you back to uncertainty, frustration or self-sabotage.

And you realise that WHO and HOW you’re being in business are what will make the biggest difference to your results, not what you know, or which tactic you’re using.

And that can actually take the pressure off, because there’s no longer a need for

  • This constant search for more knowledge and information to get more clients and money, or to make the business ‘work’
  • A constant state of busyness and a never-ending to-do list
  • This constant pressure to perform, to keep up with others, to prove you’re working hard or you’re worth it

Instead there’s an internal focus.  It often takes external support (it did in my case), in the form of a guide, to lead you to clarity, a simple plan and true focus, before you can see your results truly change, or you can maintain that change.

And that’s where I can help……

If you’d like to go beneath the surface level and discover what’s playing out in your life, I invite you to sign up for a Complimentary Success Breakthrough Session to uncover the true cause of what’s really holding you back.

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