Tell us a little about who you are and what you do...

Hi, I'm Clare Talbot-Jones, Business Development Director at Talbot Jones Risk Solutions, a community-focused insurance brokerage, helping businesses and charities understand their risks and choose the right insurance cover.

What does success mean to you, right now?

Balancing the different aspects of my life so I can have a positive impact at home, at work, in my family and in my community.

What do you love about what you do?

I love helping take away fear from businesses. I love having the opportunity to get to know other businesses and help them understand and implement ways of managing their risks. It’s such a pleasure to hear about the motivations and aspirations of other businesses and see them be bold and grow and thrive.

What do you find most challenging?

Balancing the different aspects of my life! 

Until recently I didn’t have a dedicated work space at home. My husband has sacrificed his painting studio to turn into a lovely new home office for me. I can really focus and concentrate in here. It’s been great at helping me more clearly define home time and work time, so I am not tempted to be distracted by checking notifications and emails when I want to be enjoying my family.

What's your biggest achievement(s) to date?

A short while ago I told my children that I was surprised to have been shortlisted for the HSBC Forward Ladies Diversity Champion award, when I’d been nominated for and consequently submitted an application for a different category. They asked me “what does that mean?”

I explained: “It means someone has read about what I do at work, and thought that it sounds like I am someone who really supports and encourages others, including others who seem different from myself.” I was blown away when that sank in! 

We’ve won other industry awards and accolades, but being recognized for treating others with respect and integrity is what is at the core of our values as a business and as a family.

What are your hopes and dreams for future success and happiness?

I have been reminded recently of the joy and motivation that comes from setting brave and aspirational targets and objectives. Last year I wished I could be the kind of person that could run the Great North Run. I put a plan into action, and I’m so delighted that I made it happen!

My hope is that I continue to be bold, pushing into my discomfort zone and living my life not the easy way, but in the way I believe to be right. I’m convinced that that is where happiness is found.

What's your best piece of advice for others wanting to feel more successful?

When you find yourself thinking “I wish…”, grab that thought and turn it into an objective. Work out a plan on how you’re going to achieve it…then get to work to make it happen.

Written by Clare Talbot-Jones.

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