Nourishing your soul might seem like a strange topic for business owners or managers, but I wanted to ask you some questions, as I recognise that one of my most productive habits is walking.  And that amongst it’s many other benefits, perhaps the most important, is it feeds my soul.


And it’s so important to recognise and do things that feed our souls.  Why?  Because it makes us feel alive.  It makes us love our life.  Enjoy our work.

Walking in nature feeds my soul.

As does being in the fresh air.  Dancing.  Having fun.  Being with people I love.  Meditating.  Journalling.  Music.  Awe-inspiring views. Laughing….a great big belly laugh.

What is it for you?  What feeds Your soul?

You probably already know….

It’s often things you’ve done in the past but got too busy for!  Things that make you forget time.  Things that make you appreciate life.  Things that bring you joy.  Small things.  Simple things.

Take a moment and write one or more down.

And once you’ve identified a particular activity, you might reflect on what other benefits you’re likely to receive as a result of doing more of it?

When we recognise that an activity can give us multiple benefits, including things like joy, connection, creativity, and clarity.  Then just maybe we can dismiss the thought that we don’t have time  We can’t possibly fit it in.

Or that it’s too simple.  Or too easy.  Because we often confuse these two, when of course, simple does not necessarily mean easy.  You only need to consider what we say we want to do, and what we actually do, to appreciate that!

Top Tip

So if you want more soul nourishment, to feel better every single day, then I recommend you ask yourself these questions:

  • What feeds my soul?
  • What makes me feel fantastic?
  • What makes me come ‘alive’?

Write down your answers.  Consider what other benefits each might bring if you incorporated it into your daily or working life.

Then go do at least one.  Have fun doing it.  And tell me what it is.  And the many ways you’re benefitting from it.  I’d love to know :-)