I’ve been noticing so much lately, particularly during my morning walk.  And I’d like to draw your attention to the word ‘noticing’, as it may hold so much more meaning for you than ‘mindfulness’ or ‘being present’.  It certainly does for me at the moment….



Mindfulness (at least the way I’ve been thinking about and trying to practise it lately), often seems to imply the need to ‘do’ something.  Whereas noticing (although I recognise this is a fine distinction), even though it’s something I do, feels to me more like a way of ‘being’ in a specific moment.

It’s about noticing How I’m being.  How I’m feeling.  And What I’m thinking.

And this distinction of noticing, rather than mindfulness or presence, has created a lightness in me.  Because I no longer feel the need to ‘do’ mindfulness.  To be constantly present in my life and work.

And even though I’ve talked about being mindful, and being present, in my coaching and training work in the recent past, I notice that I’ve not been consistent.  And that maybe, I’ve not even ‘got’ mindfulness fully or ‘done’ it particularly well myself.

And there’s that word ‘done’ again.  Using it can mean we put pressure on ourselves.  It becomes another activity on our long list of things to do.

However, when we consider Being, it can enable us to take the pressure off ourselves and simply notice.

Now I appreciate that its not possible to notice every single moment of every single day!  However, it is something we can all do occasionally.  It’s something we can get better at.  Something we can practise.

It’s a very simple way of being.

And its a way of thinking about mindfulness differently.  It highlights an alternative perspective.  And I offer it to you in the hope that it might help.

There are so many things you can notice in any given moment….sights, sound, smells, how you’re feeling, what’s happening in your body, what’s happening around you.  You can notice Life in only a few seconds.

And the very act of noticing, and pausing, can help in ways beyond your imaginings.

So what if you stopped trying to be mindful and present 24/7?  What if you simply committed to 15, 10 or even 5 minutes over the course of your 24 hour day, to simply notice?

You can start right now, by pausing for a moment.

Simply Be……

And notice How you’re being.

Do let me know whether this is a useful distinction for you.  And please do share what you notice……I’m really curious to know.