“Make 6 figures!”  “Go from 6 to 7 figures!”  “Get a million followers!”

If you're fed up with the marketing hype.  Sick of feeling anxious because you can't make it work.  Wondering if there's something wrong with you.  Be the change!

It’s taken me a while, but I’m no longer subscribing, reading or exposing myself to business ‘experts’ whose sales messages focus on the external e.g. money or prestige, because they certainly don’t seem to lead to “success” for the majority of people who take up their offers.   Rather than increased happiness or success, they increase the likelihood of anxiety.

This constant focus on the external world is about appearances, about how we look to others, about keeping up, about comparing ourselves to others.  And it’s not healthy!

Because it appeals to our base instincts.  And it’s making us unhappy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know these businesses and marketing experts can justify that people need to make money, that they want fame and fortune, and that they’re merely giving people what they want.  And, I know there is evidence that they work, that people buy.

But we have to ask ourselves, is that what we really want?  As consumers?  As business leaders and marketers?

I know I increasingly want something deeper, both personally, and in terms of connection and community.  And I’m not alone.

So let’s not fall for the hype ourselves. 

And when we market, lets appeal to people’s higher instincts for purpose, meaningful contribution, or creative self-expression. 

Let’s Be how we want others to be.  Model an authentic and more sustainable way of doing business. Uplifting our audiences, not bringing them down so we get a good ROI or make a bigger profit.

To paraphrase Ghandi "Be the change."

What do you think?

(And for the record, I know I’ve not perfected this yet myself.  There is always more work to be done, on this website, and in terms of my content and offers :-).)