There was a time in my business when I rebelled against marketing.  The marketing I felt was necessary, but “icky”.  Because I wanted to be more authentic.  To connect more deeply with people.  I simply wanted to share what I knew to help people, and to attract them to want to work with me.  Which meant working more from my heart.

However I came to realise, that what I was actually doing was “throwing the baby out with the bathwater!” If this is a new expression to you (strange I know, but entirely fitting) it means eliminating something good whilst trying to get rid of something bad.  Something that is of course, entirely avoidable!

Perhaps you can resonate?

For the first time in my business I’d made a loss, I’d spent more than I’d brought in.  And I seemed to have lost the ability to attract clients.  Of course there was more going on…I’d become bored with some of the work I was doing, and I wanted to incorporate Dance into my offerings - injecting more of me, the ‘whole’ me into my business.

And I was getting disillusioned with ‘experts’ offering the same marketing advice.  Proposing tactics I’d bought into myself, so I knew on an intellectual level that they worked.

Yet the perceived wisdom of

  • Highlight the problem

  • Agitate the problem

  • Present the solution

appeals to our base instincts like greed, or looking good to the outside world.

And I’d been burned….I’d spent lots of money on mentors with little tangible return.  Certainly not in my business.  And not even in myself.  Because the downturn in my business affected my confidence and the way I thought about myself.

I disregarded my business nous and decided it all needed to change.

I say ‘decided’, but this was actually all happening at a subconscious level.  I never consciously made the decision to ditch traditional marketing.

So what did I change to?  I tried to appeal more to higher level human instincts.  To not focus on problems, because truly I no longer believe we even have “problems” that need “solutions”, not in the traditional sense anyway (but that’s a topic for a different post.)

I wanted to lift people up.  To inspire and empower.  And that’s what a lot of my writing and training is still about.

But what I learned is that there are some fundamentals in business that cannot be ignored. 

Like getting clients, through marketing…..letting people know who you are, what you offer, and generating interest.  And through sales, turning that interest into paying clients.

Which means that unless we have specific services or products to offer, AND a way of consistently inviting people to buy them, then we make ‘doing’ business hard! 

And I was definitely making it hard for my business and myself.

None of us, as entrepreneurs, micro business owners, or small business owners, have to do anything that feels icky.

We can be ourselves.  Fully ourselves.  Indeed I believe this is the best way for potential clients to see and hear us.

However, what we do need for a sustainable business, is not only products or services people want.  But also a way that works consistently, for us and for our audience, of inviting people to buy those products or services.

I still write, do videos, teach and coach.  I’m authentic and more consistent in my content, and that’s what people like.  AND I’ve re-established a way of consistently inviting people to buy.

What about you?

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