How many times do you make a decision, then doubt whether it’s the right one for you?  Or worry that it might not take you where you want?  Or wonder what other people will think of it or you?

How many times do you talk yourself out of a decision using so-called ‘logic’?  

How often do you second-guess, and go round in circles, even though you’ve already decided?

For many the answer is too often! 

If this is you here’s a simple way to stop doing this.

But first a little question about four frogs on a log!

If one frog decides to jump off,  how many frogs will be on the log?

If you said three because one jumps off, you’re not alone.  However if you read the question again it states ‘one frog decides to jump off’.   And making a decision to act is not the same as taking the action……… important distinction……… meaning four frogs are still on the log until one frog takes action!

We often think the difficult part in the decision making process is making the decision………that once we’ve decided, we can get on with it and that everything will naturally fall into place .  

Yet as we’ve explored, after you’ve made a decision, doubt can set in.   And doubt can make you procrastinate and prevaricate.  It can stop you from taking action on your decision, on moving forward.

My simple tip to stop this?  To ensure that when you make a decision you will follow through on it?

Take immediate action.

What this does is re-affirm your decision.  It helps quieten your mind.  It  creates a commitment.  

And when you’re committed, you’re much less likely to put it off, to doubt or to worry.

When you take action towards your decision immediately, you’re getting into alignment with what you really want.  You’re making a commitment.

So, think of a commitment as something you undertake i.e. something you take action on.  Whilst a decision is something you resolve to do i.e. you may or may not actually do it.

And start making commitments today.

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