If, like me, reading that title makes you want to break out into song, then that’s fantastic - in fact that’s the point!  Although I appreciate you need to be of a certain age to appreciate the reference :-).

For those not in the know, this was the title of a Commodores song from 1977.  And it’s become my touchstone for the year to help me move through my days with a sense of ease and flow.  This is something I started to explore when I decided on my three words for this year - simple, authentic and playful.  Because when I use these as my guiding principles, I can live and work with ease.

You see like you (I know this because it’s the human condition), I have things I want to achieve, things I want to learn and do, people I want to be with, work I want to enjoy, life I want to live.  And yet knowing this, I notice my mind often has a different agenda. I say my mind, but it’s really my ego rather than my higher self. The part of me that wants to keep me safe, to protect me. The part that worries whether I’m doing enough, doing it right, or should be doing it at all.

Do you recognise this?

As someone who guides others to explore their mindset, I marvel that there is always more to learn about this subject and about myself.  More to notice. More to explore. More patterns to distinguish. More threads to pull on and unravel. More places to run towards instead of running away from.

Yet I know this isn’t what we want to do naturally.  Because most of us have been conditioned to care what others think.  And to listen to ‘experts’ rather than trust in our own intuition and inner knowing.  To search ‘out there’ rather than to go inside.

And that’s why I love my work.  Because I keep learning about mindset by learning about myself.  And I get to help people explore their inner workings as well as support them with taking action, taking personal responsibility, taking the lead in their own life and work.  But I digress…

There is nothing inherently wrong with thinking negative thoughts... 

Taking ourselves down cul-de-sacs and thought-storms, second guessing ourselves, or doubting what we want or think.  And gone are the days where I’d advocate changing your negative thought into a positive one when you notice it.

Because, what I know now is that this is simply being human….

It’s not something we can stop by force, at least not in the longer term.  

Rather it’s something that happens naturally - becoming less and occurring less frequently - once we begin to notice our thoughts and feelings more often.  And when we do, allowing ourselves to think and feel them rather than trying to force ourselves not to, or disregarding them. Being OK with however we are, even if that’s not feeling good.  Recognising that it’s simply thought and will pass if we let it.

It’s taken me such a long time personally to get to this stage.  I’ve been noticing lots and for a considerable time. But what I realised more recently was that my very thoughts about it being up to me to change things was the problem.  

Thinking that it’s not ok to be worried, doubting myself, or setting too high expectations (or whatever it is for you)...that resistance to the way things are in that moment, is the very thing that keeps me, and you, from a sense of ease and peace of mind!

Which is why, whenever I notice I’m drifting, and that sets me off thinking I’m procrastinating or simply not being productive (which of course doesn’t make me feel good) I simply remember ‘Easy like Sunday morning’ and it makes me smile, and immediately brings me back to an inner peace and a sense of the ease with which I can operate, if I simply allow it!

So, what will bring you back to yourself?  A song, a saying, a word, an image, a sound?  What is it for you (even if it makes no sense to others)?  I’d love to know what your touchstone is, if you’re prepared to share?  

You can watch or listen to mine below.