It’s true. We all suffer from self-doubt occasionally, or even most of the time. And it manifests in worrying about whether you’re doing the right thing, whether you really can do it, what others will think of you, and feeling like an imposter, like you’re going to be found out!

So I want to say loud and clear – IT’S TIME TO STOP!!

Because doubting yourself and worrying is not helping you, it’s not helpful to others and it certainly doesn’t allow you to be the change agent and role model you want to be. It’s also taking up your precious time.

Think about this for a moment, about how this type of thinking is affecting you:

  • You procrastinate or defer making decisions, which makes you feel bad
  • You talk about ‘not being certain’ about ‘needing to get it right,’ and this makes you feel bad
  • You’re hesitant and half-hearted when you do take action, and guess what? You don’t feel great!

How much time do you really want to waste feeling like this?

Self doubt also affects other people.

People like certainty. Do you portray certainty when you dither and doubt?

People like confidence. Do you appear confident when you’re worried about getting it right?

People like competence. They like people who can do what they say they can. And the first stage of demonstrating competence is often being able to confidently express your knowledge, and your belief in your skills, and how your service delivers the required results.

So, what can you do to ditch the self doubt when it’s hurting your results, and affecting the way you feel on a daily basis?

Go easy on yourself. 

Recognise that your thoughts affect what you say, both to yourself and to others. Your thoughts and the language you use affect how you feel, and all of these affect your behaviour and actions. And of course how you behave and the actions you take dictate the results you get!

Start to become aware of what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and the words and phrases you use. (Ask your loved ones or work colleagues for feedback and help if you find this difficult at first.) Pay attention to how you feel when you’re doing things in your business; notice when you‘re procrastinating and explore what’s going on in your head and in your body at that point – listen to yourself – mind, body and soul.

When you become vigilant, and when you can do this with a sense of curiosity rather than judgement, that’s when you know you’re eliminating your self doubt. You’re becoming your own best friend.

So, go easy on yourself – don’t criticise and judge – stop being your own worst enemy, and start to be the same friend you are to others, to yourself.