Over the past 5 years I’ve been experimenting with following my inspiration.   Dropping longer term strategic planning for my business.  And letting go of the need to control everything, or at least to feel like I’m in charge!

Now this hasn’t been an easy or straightforward process. However it has led me on a very interesting journey, following a path I would not have followed previously, because the destination was unknown.

In truth, all destinations in our business and in our life, are unknown, yet we often believe otherwise.  That we do know how things will turn out, and where we’ll end up!

So, back to inspiration.  I ‘knew’ my choices were right for me at the time.

And that’s the crux of this.  Learning to be more in tune with yourself, and with life.

Because it’s relatively easy to operate from your head all the time, using intellectual intelligence, your mind and logic to make all the decisions.

Even when we don’t do that in life generally I’ve found that many of us feel it’s important to operate like this in our business.  That it’s somehow more professional and business-like.  Like there’s a manual for how to run your business.

Of course, there are literally thousands of manuals and how-to books.  Heck I even wrote one myself.  However mine is more of a guide.  Attempting to point you in the right direction, and giving you a different perspective.  A completely different way to think about your business, and also about yourself and your life.

Because as Einstein (may have) said “we can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them”  And this is so true, and what most of us try to do….use logic to make sense of things and to plot a way forward.

Now I’m not saying don’t plan, or don’t imagine your route or the destination.

Rather, don’t be attached to those plans, because life has a way of presenting us with the unexpected, which can often lead to even better places than we could imagine.

And I am saying get connected with yourself - heart, body, and soul.  Because I believe we come into this world with so much inner wisdom, and conspire to forget and cover up that wisdom with what we believe (through learning and other peoples beliefs and expectations) is the way the world works.

When in fact, the world is full of surprises and opportunities at every turn.  We simply need to be open to them to see them.

And not to overanalyse opportunities that feel right in the moment and immediately afterwards, until we consider them.  What we often do at these times is think too much, and let the magic, that feeling of aliveness and rightness for you, dissipate.

So how can you follow inspiration and still run a business?

How do you get over the naysayers and mockers?  Those who tell you that ‘simply following inspiration won’t work’ or ‘that’s not how to run a successful business’?  (Back to the business manual again!)

  • You start with you.  With what you want.
  • You start with noticing what you’re attracted to and what you’re not.
  • You start with asking yourself what do I want now?  You can ask this over any time period in your business (and in your life). And also right now, as in “what do I want in this particular situation?”
  • You pay attention and then you follow what you want.  You don’t automatically shut that down or deny yourself, telling yourself you need to be disciplined, or there are more important things to do.

Of course there sometimes are things you need to do.  Sometimes more important.  But often there aren’t.  They’re self-imposed to-dos!!  Not actually necessary, simply what you think you ‘should’ do.

Asking yourself what you want to do as opposed to what you should do can be very liberating.  And very scary!

It’s not something we’re used to doing…

In fact most of us stop asking the question once we’re no longer children, as it can often feel selfish (at least that’s what many of us have been told, and blindly believe!)  We didn’t question whether we wanted something as a child, we simply knew - even if we weren’t allowed it.

Now you might be thinking that’s exactly the same with adults.  There are things we want to do and simply can’t?  Yet I’d encourage you to explore these more fully - are they harmful to yourself or others?

We tend to think we can’t (a.k.a shouldn’t) do things because they’ll take too long, they’re not relevant, or they’re not work, they’re simply fun.  But what’s wrong with a bit of fun?

Perhaps we could use more fun and flow in our lives and work?

And that’s what I’ve discovered - work can feel so much easier and more fun, when you’re operating from a feeling of want or desire.

You don’t need motivation, willpower or discipline.

You simply need to tap into your heart, body and soul.

You can still plan, knowing that those plans will change and be adapted as you take aligned and inspired action.  Because you will never be able to predict the specifics of the journey, the opportunities that will show up as you move in the right direction for you.

Being wedded to specific ways of reaching your destination, is not needed.  In fact it becomes detrimental, as it can stop you accepting life’s opportunities and chances.

So ask yourself…”Does this suggestion to follow my inspiration and run my business with more of a sense of ease, appeal to me?”

If so, ask yourself more often what you want.  Start asking others and the universe to support you.

And stop apologising for being different, wacky, or fun, because your ideal clients want to work with you, and they’re bored and uninspired looking at other businesses.  They want to work with the inspired You and Your specific business.

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