The Dance of Leadership 30 Day Journey

As leaders – whether we run our own business or lead a team in an organisation, we spend much of our life in our heads. Strategising, planning, creating, generating income….Of course we love it, but we rarely give ourselves the gift of space.  Space away from our desks to play and connect with ourselves.


This is essential if we want to be innovative and creative, leading the way for others.


And today more than ever we need to bring fun and playfulness to our lives so that we can bring lightness and ease to the challenges we face.

Is This You?


►  You want to bring more fun and playfulness into your life and work 


  You want to be more creative 


  You want to bring more lightness and ease to the challenges you face


  You’re ready to gift yourself some space to play and connect with yourself


 You want to feel differently and show up differently at work


 You’re sick of doubting yourself, putting yourself down, or comparing yourself unfavourably with others 


 You’re ready to discover how and where you're holding yourself back so you can get out of your own way and take the lead in your own life 


 You're ready for transformation


 You want to see a different way forward for yourself and your work


 You want to rediscover your mojo


 You crave real connection and intimacy, with yourself and with other soul and heartful women


 You're ready for a breakthrough

If so I invite you to join me and a small group of other heart led businesswomen, for a fun-filled, creative and transformational journey using dance.


We start Thurs 23rd July and run till Fri 21st August.


Why Dance?


Dance offers surprising observations, insights and learning, about who you are, how you're being, and how and where you're currently stopping yourself.


It offers the opportunity for unique and magical reflection. 


Dance gifts you the heart-led thinking and feeling that brings you back to You.  The You you are at your best, when you're not stopping yourself or getting in your own way!


And it's fun.  Playful. 


Dance helps you tap into your creativity and gives you a sense of spaciousness as you go about your daily life and work.


You can literally dance your way to new understanding and insights.





Imagine, before September this year...


 Knowing and understanding yourself better so you identify where you’re getting in your own way and know what to do about it


 Feeling a greater sense of ease around your personal issues and work challenges


 Feeling less time pressure around all the tasks and activities you want to do


 Being more creative


 Bringing more fun and playfulness into your life and work


 Feeling more energised and positive about the future


 Being the type of person who prioritises self-nourishment and self-compassion


► Feeling more confident, light and free



This is not like any other programme or service you'll have experienced.  And certainly not like any programme I’ve offered before 2020.


The reason for 30 days is that I myself have experienced the magic of a contained journey….one with a predetermined beginning and an end.  A journey where like-minded women with different life and work experiences, meet and discover more about themselves and each other.  More than that, they develop a bond.  A strong bond, that grows and evolves as they do.  These journeys offer intimacy and real connection like no other I’ve experienced.


And my very first Dance of Leadership Journey members experienced the same.  


It’s a journey (rather than a programme or course) because I show you a different way…


I shine a light to guide your way on a path you’ve likely not seen before.  Not even been aware of. I show you how to dance your way forward, by taking you ‘out of your head’ where you’re always trying to fix things or find the answer, and connect you into your body, heart and soul, where you can discover what’s right and good for you.  In that way, You take the lead - in this journey, in your life and in your work.




What the Journey Includes


We start with Purposeful Preparation to help you decide exactly what you want from the journey, and how you wish to approach the dancing and reflections. (Remembering there is no right or wrong way, its not a one size fits all….there is only the right way for you right where you are now.)


And continue with


  • Daily invitations to dance and reflect.  So that you can access your inner knowing and intuition, bypassing your head and intellectual intelligence, and connecting to your heart and soul via your body, whenever you're ready.


  • Focused reflections to enable you to get a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings, and your habitual patterns of behaviour.


  • Exposure to different dance forms, including Irish dancing, to see what difference (if any) this makes to your awareness. 


  • Instructional videos for those who want dance direction or to explore some dance forms further.


  • The opportunity for dancercise, dance exercise that can be increased or decreased according to the needs of your body on any particular day.


  • A sacred space, that looks a lot like a Facebook group (but is so much more), to hold the materials and to allow for connection and sharing of insights.


  • Weekly 30 - 45 minute live group dancing for connection, increased intimacy, and learning.


Why a 30 Day Journey?



The investment for this 30 day live group journey is £97. 


I’m also making available for the first three to request, the option of additional 121 coaching (3 sessions), at the inclusive price of £397 i.e. the 30 day live journey plus individual support to go deeper and explore more personally.

Yes please! I'm in

Yes please! I'd like extra 121 support

Sign me up for the Online Journey

If you'd prefer to participate by email only and not join the FB group or any of the live sessions I've also got you covered. You can join and receive all the daily invitations via email.


The investment for this option is £30.

Please know that it really doesn’t matter what you have going on during these 30 days from 23rd July to 21st August...whether you’re busy with work or personal issues.  Because any of the daily invitations can be accessed (or not) when it suits you.  
There really is no ‘falling behind’ or ‘needing to catch up’, because it’s set up to offer exactly what you need for where you are right now.  And you choose.
So please don’t hesitate if your heart is saying yes, yet your mind wants to chip in with ‘practicalities’.…

I’d recommend it forms part of your intention for the journey ;-).

It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a dancer


Dance experience is not required!  Simply a love of music and an eagerness to move your body to unlock hidden secrets.  The journey uses Dance as a fun and powerful means to an end.


What you’ll get are insights and learning, and you’ll experience a powerful transformation.


Even if you feel self-conscious dancing …


If you feel like you’re just going to make a fool of yourself, or look stupid….


If you’re unsure “How dance can possibly relate to business development or business transformation!”


If you’re not sure you have the time or can commit to extra daily “work”...


Yes Please I Want to Join Your Journey

 Live Group Journey

Online Journey

Live Group + 121

You can’t experience the power of dance by imagining or talking about it.


You can only experience it through dancing. So trust that piece of yourself that’s excited and nervous in equal measure.


Running a business, leading a team or organisation, requires you to move beyond your comfort zone.  Dance is no different. 


This journey will help you stretch and grow and better equip you to deal with these challenging times.


Because what I know for absolute certain (being an Irish dancer for 50 years) is that dance and getting into your body and out of your head will highlight, and show you things about yourself that you never knew.

It’s truly magical.



  • If you've been feeling lethargic or rudderless/without direction

  • You've been trying to figure things out intellectually and on your own

  • You're ready for a different way and for real transformation


Join me on a journey of self discovery and personal leadership.


Let me be your Guide.



What some of my previous 30 day Journey members say…