About Julie

My Philosophy


I run the Success Club because it’s my mission to help people really step into a more successful life for themselves.  I say step ‘into’ success because this is an inside-out job, meaning you need to go inside, because what you're thinking and how you're feeling actually makes the biggest difference to the results you get in business and in life....it's what gives power to your actions.


This is important to me because I see so many people not doing this....


  • We don’t spend enough time with family
  • We work too much
  • We feel unhealthy and get stressed


It’s also important to me because it's what has made the biggest difference to my own results.  On three separate occasions in the past two decades I’ve had to really examine what success means to me and decide to make changes.


To cut a long story short  (if you have a spare half hour I'll tell you about it some time!) the first time prompted me to leave full time employment and set up my own business in 2002.   



The second time, my business downturn had a massive effect on my confidence, which compounded my poor results.....


It took me a couple of years and tons of money to realise that a lack of knowledge, information and new tactics wasn't the problem....it was all about me!  And only when I 'got this' and started to work on the cause rather than the symptoms, did I turn things around!

Hence my focus on Entrepreneurial Mindset....

It’s my firm belief and my guiding philosophy, that you CAN have success ON YOUR TERMS by

(to paraphrase Gandhi)


‘Being the change you wish to see in the world’ 


By going within and learning to know, understand and love yourself.

By tapping into your inner wisdom, and getting clear on what’s really important to you and on what will be the best approach for you to focus on. 


Then by getting out of your own way, so that you can move forward positively with energy, motivation and confidence....

enjoying the process AND achieving better results - more income, clients, impact and fun. 


These two experiences in particular led me to develop my unique DANCE system and write my first book, Stepping into Success.


My DANCE system is unique because:


  • It puts you at the centre of your life and work. Everything starts with you. 

  • It’s a holistic approach. 

  • You can start from wherever you are now. So if your results aren’t where you want them to be, in terms of income, clients, impact, time off, energy levels, relationships, happiness or satisfaction levels, this system’s starting point is to clarify what the real issues are for you right now and work from there.


And in case you’re wondering about my third experience of examining and re-defining what success means to me....let's just say I forgot for a while to practice what I've been teaching...which confirmed to me that my DANCE system only works when you work it! And that missing out any piece has the potential to set you back further, or at the very least keep you stuck.

The Inspiration behind DANCE


My love of Irish dance, as a competitor and a band member travelling the world, was the inspiration behind my DANCE System. However, it was much more than the physical aspect of dancing that inspired me.


Believing that too much information in the field of business and career success was from a masculine viewpoint – with the emphasis on strength and force – on pushing through, battling, and competing for business. I used my own life and work experiences to set about defining what had worked for me, and researching my clients and other successful business owners, professionals and managers. What I found confirmed my own views that:


  • Dance helps you get in touch with your feelings, and feeling good about yourself and your work has a hugely beneficial effect on your performance and on your results.


  • Dance allows you to connect not only with your feelings, but with your heart and soul – your inner wisdom, and this helps you be more creative in your approach to issues and challenges.


  • Dance takes you out of your head, where you get stuck by thinking and worrying too much, and reconnects you to your inner spark.


  • Dance is a more feminine approach of allowing rather than forcing.


All of which enabled me to develop my holistic System – a more feminine approach to success in all areas of your life and work.

How DANCE Works


My DANCE System works on two levels:


  1. As a step by step approach with each of the letters in DANCE a step in the system
  2. As a metaphor for You as the Dancer of your Life Dance, here to enjoy your DANCE and showcase it in your own fabulous Show. The Stage or platform you use to connect to your audience – your customers, colleagues and loved ones – is your business or work. DANCE guides you to become the Star on your Stage and to Step into meaningful Success for yourself.


My DANCE system is based on this philosophy, and is used as the foundation for all my in-person programmes and services for individuals and groups.



My Dancing Honours


I danced competitively in my early years and was placed 2nd in Great Britain and 9th in the World Irish Dance Championships. For the next 10 years I danced with a folk band and travelled the world, dancing in places as far afield as Orkney and Syria. Since having children I’ve continued to be involved with Irish dancing as both a teacher and committee member, organising competitions in NE England.

30 years of Personal/Business Development, and Leadership Experience


I have worked in HR, Training, Consultancy, Project Management and Management since 1985 and run my own business since 2002.


I am a qualified coach, an accredited member of the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), and a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM).


As an ex champion Irish dancer I continue to teach Irish dancing to adults as well as learn new dance forms myself.


My business has been featured in online and offline business publications, newspapers and on BBC radio.


I was also a finalist in the WIN North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2013. And I’m a Sage Business expert, recognised for my contribution to the business community, my knowledge, influence, and on-line presence.

On a Personal Note


I’m a proud ‘Geordie’ living in the wonderful North East of England with my husband of 30 years. I’m also a mum, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin and loyal friend. A dancer, author, speaker and coach. I’m family oriented yet driven to achieve big goals professionally. My two grown up children are my greatest pride and have also been my biggest (and often most painful) teachers.


I love to travel, read and walk, as well as to spend time in my recently designed garden.


I’m a passionate optimist, who my clients say, can motivate you to get the best out of yourself.



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